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Halfman, Peter
Badung, Maria
Halfmann, Matthias
Brust, Klara
Halfmann, Anna Maria


Family Links
1. Halfmann, Matthias & Stephani, Maria C
2. Halfmann, Matthias & Brust, Klara

Mayer, Michael

Halfmann, Anna Maria 1 2 3

  • Born: Mar 10, 1805, Bruchhausen, , Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany 4 5 6
  • Christened: Mar 10, 1805, Bruchhausen, , Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
  • Marriage: Mayer, Michael on Apr 17, 1825 in Kelberg, , Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
  • Died: Jan 19, 1840, Allscheid, Vulkaneifel, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany at age 34 7 8 9
  • Buried: Jan 1840, Darscheid, , Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

bullet   Other names for Anna were Anna Maria, Halfman and Maria Elisabeth.


bullet  General Notes:

wahrscheinlich ist dies die Anna Maria Halfmann (so genannt ab 1829, auch in ihrer Sterbeurkunde im StA Gillenfeld (jetzt Daun), dort als 39 Jahre alt angegeben, das wäre Geburt ca 1801!). Im Standesamt wird in der Geburtsurkunde Maria Elisabeth mit den Eltern Mathias Halfmann und Maria Stephani genannt!

email 18.08.2008, zitiert dort StA Barweiler

Google Translation:

Probably this is the Anna Maria Halfmann (so called from 1829, even in their death certificate in StA Gillenfeld (now Daun), where as 39 years ago indicated that would be born around 1801). The office is in the birth certificate Maria Elisabeth with parents Mathias and Mary Halfmann Stephani called!

email 18.08.2008, cited therein Barweiler StA

bullet  Research Notes:

Possible relation, Godfried Hafeman, in Jackson,

Washington County, 1875

Oregon Name and Cristening dates came from German records 10

bullet  Death Notes:

"Anna Maria" 11 Uhr vormittags, 39 J alt, T.d. + Mathias Halfmann, Schreiner aus Reimerath, und dessen Ehefrau Clara Brust


bullet  Noted events in her life were:

• Religion: Catholic.

• Residence: Dorfstr. 9, 1831, Reimerath, , Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. 11 12

• Death Record: Civil Death Record, Jan 1840, Allscheid, Vulkaneifel, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany.

• Parish Register: Death, Jan 1840, Allscheid, Vulkaneifel, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. 13


Anna married Michael Mayer, son of Adam Joseph Meyer and Maria Elizabeth Langshausen, on Apr 17, 1825 in Kelberg, , Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. (Michael Mayer was born on Apr 2, 1796 in Mosbruch, , Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany 2, christened on Apr 2, 1796 in Mosbruch, , Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, died on Oct 2, 1851 in Allscheid, Vulkaneifel, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany 2 and was buried in 1851 in Mehren, Mehren, , Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany.)

bullet  Noted events in their marriage were:

• Marriage Contract: Civil Marriage Document 1 of 3, Apr 17, 1825, Daun, , Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. Interpretation by Albert Emmerich & Paul Schacht( Australia)
No 16
Marriage of Michel Mayer, 29 years old, farmer, of Mosbruch,
with Maria Elisabeth Halfmann, 20 years 1 month old, without profession, of Nürburg-Bruchhausen,
both single

Today Thursday April 21st of year 1825
at 3 pm,
presented to me, Cornel Metten,
government official of the village
of Mosbruch and Nürburg,
county Adenau, Bezirk Koblenz,
Michel M a y e r, 29 years old,
farmer, single,
born in, and living in Mosbruch,
of full legal age, son of Adam Joseph Mayer,
widower, 65 years old, a farmer who
lives in Mosbruch, and who is present and agrees to the marriage, and of Maria Elisabetha
Langshausen, who died
April 6th 1796, in Mosbruch.
Her death is recorded in original register of the parish
of Ühs (=Uess), which is now in our inventory / :
The birth of the groom
Michel Mayer is recorded in the same
register of parish Üss (=Uess)
as having taken place on April 2nd
1796 in Mosbruch
:/ on the one side : ------------- and
Maria Elisabetha H a l f m a n n
aged 20 years and one month, of no profession, single,
was born in, and living in, Nürburg - Bruchhausen.
She is a minor and daughter
of Mathias Halfmann, 62 years old,
and of Maria Stephani,
64 years old, married couple, farmers,
living in Bruchhausen, who are present
and agree to the marriage :/: the birth record
of the bride Maria Elisabetha Halfmann
was written by mayor

• Marriage Contract: Civil Marriage Document 2 of 3, Apr 17, 1825, Daun, , Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. that she was born on Ventose 19th year 13 of French Republic
/. March 10th 1805 :/
in Bruchhausen :/ on the other side ; ----
and the above parties have applied
to fulfil the marriage,
which they want to contract with each other, and
which was proclaimed according to the law at the main door of the civic centre of Kelberg, and at the door of the civic centre of Nürburg-Bruchhausen
the first on
Sunday April 17th of this month April
the second on
Sunday April 17th of this month April
in both cases
at noon. -----
As nobody made any objections
to the marriage,
to fulfil the request
after reading out all the related
documents and chapter 6
of civil law book with title "About the marriage"
I asked the groom and the
bride whether they
intended to become man
and wife.
After they both each for himself replied yes
so I declared, in the name of the law,
Michel Mayer and
Maria Elisabetha Halfmann
but with the condition that this marriage
will not have any influence regarding the possible
military positions of the groom
Michel Mayer.
The marriage was documented by Me,
the government official,
in the presence of: 1.) Christian
Halfmann, 41 years old,
farmer and the bride's brother

• Marriage Contract: Civil Marriage Document 3 of 3, Apr 17, 1825, Daun, , Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. living in Nürburg-Reimerath. 2.)
Johann Joseph Gros, 34 years old,
farmer, brother in law of the bride
living also in Nürburg - Reimerarth
3.) Johann Joseph Mayer senior,
37 years old, farmer,
related to no party, living
in Mosbruch, and 4.) Bartholomäus
Mayer, 51 years old, day labourer,
cousin of the groom, and
also living in
Mosbruch. After
clearly reading the document out it was signed by me,
the government official, and the
parties and the witnesses,
with exception of
the bride Maria Elisabetha Halfmann,
and her mother named Maria
Stephani, who both declared that they were
completely unable to write, as
they had never learned it. ---
The current record
was written in
the civic centre of Kelberg
on the abovementioned day, month, and year.
--- ---- ---
the mayor
Michael Maier Maier Halfmann Christian Halfmann
Groß Johan Joseph Mayer Meier



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